Supporting Band Activities at Princeton


Friends of Tiger Band (FOTB) is the alumni organization for the Princeton University Band. FOTB provides financial and administrative support for the undergraduate officers and members of the Band. The group consists primarily of Band alumni and other members of the Princeton community who have expressed interest in maintaining a close relationship with the current Band. Currently, FOTB boasts a mailing list of approximately 600 members who are actively involved through participation in Band events or fundraising drives.


Originally called the Friends of the Band, the origins of FOTB date back to a dedicated group of Band alumni who formed the group in 1980. These alumni worked with the University administration at a time when the PUB was not a popular group on campus. Additionally, these alumni started soliciting donations towards capital improvements.


Today, the Princeton University Band is a well-respected student musical organization on the Princeton campus. Even still, the need for strong alumni support through FOTB has never been more critical. University funding for the Band is not keeping up with the costs of running the Band. Instrument procurement, Band Van maintenance, and uniform improvements would not be possible without the support of our dedicated Band alumni. Over the years, alumni have enabled the Band to purchase many needed supplies and instruments, including:

  • Silver Sousaphones
  • Plaid Blazers
  • Instrument Lockers
  • Music stands
  • Quad-toms and Snare Drums
  • Marching French Horns
  • Ties and black pants for all members

In spring 1998, FOTB underwent a transformation in organization, introducing Bylaws and new leadership in the form of a Board of Directors. At Reunions 1998, Friends of Tiger Band held its first Annual Meeting. At this meeting, Directors received briefings on the state of University support and current FOTB fundraising policies and goals.


In June 2007, FOTB was once again reorganized, with the introduction of revised Bylaws which established an Executive Board of four FOTB Directors who are charged with managing the operation of the organization. The Bylaws were amended in 2021 to add a fifth Executive Board position and a group of up to twelve active Directors who work with them.


Today, FOTB remains the Band's primary source of funding through the FOTB Operating Fund and Princeton University Band Endowment.