Support the Band!


FOTB Fundraising

Friends of Tiger Band usually sends out three mailings a year (April, September, and December). While alumni may donate to FOTB year-round, FOTB is not allowed to solicit funding during January 1 - June 30 to avoid conflicts with Annual Giving.
In the September and December mailings, you will find a donation card and courtesy return envelope. These envelopes should be returned to the Recording Secretary at Princeton University:
Friends of Tiger Band
c/o Nancy Kalmikoff, Gift Records
Princeton University
P.O. Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08543-5357

Please make checks payable to Princeton University — Friends of Tiger Band. Donations are tax-deductible (you will receive an acknowledgement in the mail from the University). Please note that the same donation card may be used for both Operating Fund and PUB Endowment gifts. For more information regarding making a donation, please contact the FOTB President.


Operating Fund: Supporting Day-to-Day Band Activities

The Friends of Tiger Band Operating Fund raises approximately $20,000 a year to pay for a variety of Band expenditures such as uniforms, Band Van repairs, new instruments, and extra buses for away-game road trips. Until the PUB Endowment is fully funded, the Operating Fund remains the primary funding resource for the Princeton University Band. In fact, FOTB regularly contributes over half of the Band's annual budget. In the fall newsletter, we acknowledge the many alumni, parents, and friends whom supported the Band over the past fiscal year.
We appreciate your contributions greatly — every gift helps to ensure that current students experience the fun and excitement of participating in the Princeton University Band.

Endowment: Planning for the Future

In 1999, the FOTB Board of Directors undertook a key step to ensure the Band's financial future by establishing the Princeton University Band Endowment. Unlike the FOTB Operating Fund, the PUB Endowment is actually a portion of the University's overall endowment investments. Gifts to the PUB Endowment are invested by the University and may never be withdrawn. As such, monies directed to the Endowment may not be used for current financial needs.
Once a year, Friends of Tiger Band receives an interest payment based upon the amount of funding in the PUB Endowment account and the University's investment performance. Currently, the PUB Endowment yields approximately $10,000 in interest that FOTB can use toward annual operating expenses. Such payments will continue in perpetuity, providing a needed financial resource for the Band.
As the cost of operating the Band continues to rise, the PUB Endowment will assist FOTB in reaching its annual funding goals. We appreciate your support of the Band through the PUB Endowment; together we can make certain that the Princeton University Band will perform for generations of Princetonians to come.

Merchandise Information

From time to time, the PUB and FOTB offer merchandise for sale, including boots, headbands, other accessories, as well as recent recorded albums. Please note that merchandise purchases are not tax-deductible.
To inquire about ordering merchandise, please contact the PUB Alumni Coordinator.